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A cozy and quiet place for dinner

October 22, 2007

Where to go when you’re not up to the hustle and  bustle of LB Square and Grove? Try Arla – good pasta, ox tongue with gravy, appetizers and desserts. Hot tea is on the house as well. My favorit is the ox tongue with gravy and for desset, the banana roll and ice cream combo – hot banana roll with caramelized sugar paired with vanilla ice cream!


Each meal comes with a side salad of fresh vegetables.


It’s best to reserve ahead of time as the place cannot accomodate that much people. Phone number is: 09062901680


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October 13, 2007

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Craving for pork barbecue

August 17, 2007

I’ve always lament before that it is only during the Feb Fair that one can eat good barbecue when all the vendors converge in the field and where there is a different barbecue aroma every five meters or so. I want my barbecue the rest of the year! So where do you go to satisfy your cravings? LB Square! LB Square is not only night life and booze, nor just Thai food or live band on a Thursday night. At the entrance are several food stalls seeling mostly grilled foods, noodles and Japanese menu. Food is rather cheap and caters mostly to students. Pork barbecue is commonly served as well.



So one night, my friend and I went barbecue-hopping. We’ve always bought barbecue from Surigao chicken. Unfortunately, Surigao chicken was closing up so we tried the other stalls.  So from one stall to the next, we tasted each one. Not that good though, most are too sweet. The verdict? It’s still Surigao Chicken which serves the best barbecue, not only pork but also chicken (of course), liver and gizzard.Dip in sweet soy sauce with loads of chili – it will surely satisfy your cravings any day!

The best way to eat it? Have it delivered at Jungle Java and drink the night away.

UPLB Alumni Association of Thailand

May 18, 2007

Came across this blogger site for UPLB alumni from Thai. It’s rather new and has few posts only and you probably won’t understanding anything at all as they are written in Thai scripts. But it is still heartwarming to know of our linkage with the Thais. Makes one think of pad thai, papaya salad and red hot chilis! For a dose of Thailand in Los Baños,  there are two places to go. (more…)

Fried chicken goodness

November 21, 2006

There’s fried chicken and there are fried chicken. But nothing comes close to Ellen’s fried chicken paired with steaming sauteed mongo. I think this is one of UPLB’s best kept secrets and one of the things I will always miss of UPLB. And always you pair it with mongo, everyone agrees. From a dark restaurant in Grove (it is now a hardware store) to the CR-like building to the new location at Raymundo Gate, it is still a student favorite. These days, it is best to eat the Raymundo Gate branch which they now call RM Cadapan Canteen. Mind you, pinipilahan talaga ang manok dito. They cook it in front of you, in wood-fired stove similar to Bat Cave’s. You’re lucky if you get the last piece of chicken available otherwise you will have to wait. They usually cook it in batches and you can specify your favorite part. I think they list it down already, how many wings, thigh, drumstick, etc… At 25 pesos per piece, it is still a good meal. To get the complete set of 1 piece chicken, mongo and rice will cost you 40 pesos. Or you can indulge and get two pieces. I always do.

Random thoughts

November 10, 2006

Nope, I didn’t get any sem-break vacation as most of you might have thought. Got busy with lab work and theses work as I’m hoping to graduate this second semester. Just some thoughts…

  • Sembreak means most of the shops were close. No Ellen’s fried chicken for a week, no LB Square gimik – ang tahimik sa campus!
  • But I do like this time of the year, with the campus so quiet, it’s like having the campus to myself for a week. When I stayed at IH, I usually go to the field early morning bringing my cup of coffee. Very few joggers and no jeepneys that early – so peaceful.
  • Signs of Christmas are here – from Crossing where there is a shop dubbed “Divisoria ng Los Banos” to the putong bumbong stall just outside UP Gate to Christmas songs on the radio. Soon there’ll Christmas decorations, the Carabao Park will be decorated with the Belen, Parolan and Apo Run!
  • The first time I had buko pie, it was only 25 pesos. I think it’s 150 pesos per box now.
  • I remember we had a one-eyed cat at Womens’. We called him Garfield. In IH, there is a dog named Adobo.
  • Had sukiyaki and sushi for dinner with friends at Komeshi, the Japanese resto at Raymundo Gate. Good thing there is a variety of food to eat here in Los Banos. Some must-try: Paella Valenciana at Bonito’s (order a day before), Italian pasta dishes at Joes in Umali, chicken sisig at Conga (Agrix), seafood salad at Namjai Thai, chicken with nuts at Ning’s Thai.
  • Enrollment again next week. In graduate school, one unit costs 1000 pesos!
  • Mudspring and Peak Two are close for a few months since Milenyo came.
  • Campus figures? Would you believe me if I tell you that one famous figure from Humanities, a professor always clad in Barong Tagalog and quite ancient then but has since retired now dons a sporty attire -with bike, cycling shorts and goggles?
  • Anymore scary stories to tell?
  • Need to get in touch with UPLB people or look up directory? Check out UPLB’s website:

The new lechon kawali in town

October 20, 2006

I remember when Batcave hit Los Baños. They had these freshly cooked lechon kawali cooked right in front of you. The owner slices the slab of fried pork belly with matching tilamsik ng mantika. Sarsa ni Mang Tomas is unlimited, too. I haven’t been there for some time, it’s too dark for my taste. These days I swear by the fried liempo of Tita Melba’s. The pork skin is very crispy yet the meat part is very tender. It goes well with their chopsuey. You can also try their embotido with white sauce, bihon and pork chop. They also serve the “silog” series – from tapa, bacon, tocino and hotdog, all day.

And yes, they deliver, too.

Tita Melba’s is located at Ruby St., Umali Subd. Just go by Raymundo Gate,
till you see the place on your left.

Over a cup of coffee…

September 6, 2006

What better way to start up and wrap up a day than over a cup of coffee? Way back in college, I took to drinking coffee like I drank water. I always think of what made me a coffeeholic now. I think I have my dad to “accuse” for that, since he taught how to make a good cup of instant Nescafe when I was young. I had to take a sip before serving it to him. Until gradually, the sip turned into a teaspoonful, into sharing a cup of coffee with him till now, 2-3 cups of freshly brewed coffee a day for me. I still share a cup of coffee with my dad, though, whenever I am home.

Back then in Los Baños, a cup of brewed coffee was difficult to be had. That’s why I relish the thought of going to IRRI library to research(as an excuse, hehehe) then having a cup of brewed coffee in IRRI’s cafeteria. It cost around 1.50 then, with milk and sugar already. Now, it costs around 7 pesos and it tastes so bland.

There are other options though. If you find yourself at IRRI, they have a coffee shop that offers freshly brewed coffee, cakes, pastries and pasta. It is operated by Bean Hub, which has another branch at Vega Mall. A cup of barako coffee is only 20 pesos. Good enough to wake you up.

Outside the UP Gate, just walk along Grove and you will find coffee shops dotting Lopez Avenue all the way to Agapita. Among the notable ones are Bean Hub (Vega Mall and IRRI), Coffee Blends (in front of Agrix), Ristretto (Agapita), Isis (LB Square) and Café Amalia (Agapita). They also offer pasta, sandwiches and cakes to complement your coffee experience. Coffee Blends, Isis and Ristretto close quite late so they are good choices to go for after-dinner coffee.

For a coffeholic like me, going to coffee shops could be very expensive. So I got my own coffee maker and brew my own coffee. I have one at the apartment and maintain the office coffee maker. This poses another quest as to what coffee should I buy for brewing. As much as possible, I try to buy locally produced coffee. So far I’ve tried kapeng barako from Batangas, Aguinaldo blend from Cavite, Benguet Gold from Benguet and Monks Blend from Bukidnon. I get coffee as pasalabung from abroad and my favorite is the Don Francisco Vanilla Nut coffee I usually request from my cousins. From Quebec, where I went to recently, I got to talking about coffee with a French-Canadian and she gave me a bag of coffee granules from a Quebecoise cafe.

But those branded coffees are still expensive. Fortunately, I have discovered that Robinson’s supermarket sells barako coffee beans and they can grind it for you. It is by far, the best barako coffee I have tasted.

Where to eat in Los Baños

August 31, 2006

Coming back to LB but don’t know where to eat? Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry. There are so many places to eat that would suit any palate, I’m sure there is something to satisfy you. While some of the fastfood restaurants have been gone for years, believe me, the dining choices here in Los Banos has more than triple in the last couple of years. More cuisines to tempt the palate that it’s never a bore to eat out or take out. Here are some of my favorite choices:

Namjai Thai at LB Square – Probably the first Thai restaurant in Los Banos managed by Kwon, a charming Thai lady married to a Filipino. She introduced me to Thai cooking, chillis and tom yum. My favorites include the seafood salad, papaya salad and sticky rice with mango.

Ning’s Thai House of Noodles (just across Agrix, now, the Philippine Veterans Bank Complex) – this time it is managed by a Filipina who married a Thai student enrolled at UPLB. Try her pa-siu noodles and springrolls. The springroll sauce is simply to die for with vinegar, cucumber, peanuts and chili.

Bonito’s at the corner going to Demarses Subdivision – They serve pasta, rice meals and a mean paella. My favorites are their grilled squid and the spinach pasta in pesto sauce.

Conga Island Grill at Agrix – If you go for great pulutan such as sisig, seafood or chicken gambas, angus beef with mushroom or grilled tuna belly, this is the place to go! Great with San Miguel Beer.

Masafi at LB Square – Probably the only Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine in town. My favorites include the beef and chicken kebabs, chicken biryani and Arabic salad. Be sure to request for extra helpings of their garlic sauce.

More choices later. Have a good meal!

Fastfood not so fast…

August 28, 2006

Ever imagine life in UPLB without McDo, Jollibee, KFC or Pizza Hut? No Chowking or Mini-Stop or 7-11? Or no LB Square for that matter.

Yes, there was a time when they were not there.

When eating at Jollibee meant going to Calamba Crossing and something to really work forward to.

Petrino’s tapsilog is a favorite and the only franchised burger stands were Big Mak, Minute Burger and Burger Machine. Oh yes, there was Little Folks, too. My favorite at Petrino’s however, is not the tapsilog but the hotsilog because they use Purefoods TJ hotdog!

Fastfood meant Mother’s Best at Ilag’s or Grove and Ellen’s Fried Chicken before it became the “CR-like” building.

A piece of Ellen’s fried chicken costs only 7 pesos. 25 pesos na ngayon.

Lailani’s pan de sal (located in the KFC site) was Jericho’s competition.

Angelo’s (FO Santos cor Lopez Ave) served pizza and sizzling food.

Greenwich, before it became the big franchise restaurant, was located in the now Woodbridge Pizza parlor.

The SU coffee shop served the best pancakes, spaghetti and halo-halo.

Coop Canteen and LS (Langhap Sarap in Agrix) served the best arroz caldo. I remember my bestfriend and me going to LS after our 2pm class for a bowl of arroz caldo.

Cels was located at Demarses Subdivision.

Bug-ong (Agrix Complex) restaurant served Asian-inspired dishes. I miss their grilled chicken!

Café Amalia (also at Agrix) was the fine-dining restaurant in town.

How about you, any fond food memories of UPLB?

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